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awarded Science Applications International Corp. (NYSE: SAIC) an indefinite delivery, indefinite quantity contract to provide all training and training program support services under the FAA Controller Training Contract (CTC). The single-award, firm-fixed-price and time and materials contract has a three-year period of performance, two one-year options, and the current total estimated contract value is $425 million, with a maximum contract ceiling of $727 million. Work will be performed mainly in Oklahoma City, Washington, D.C., and air traffic control sites nationwide…Read More | View Vacancy Announcements




FAA’s Voluntary Leave Transfer Program

The VLTP program eases the financial burden for employees who have a personal medical emergency or need to care for a family member with a medical emergency.

About VLTP

Participation as a leave recipient in the VLTP is intended to be a stopgap measure until the employee is able to return to work within a reasonable period of time or until the employee is approved for disability retirement. Participation in the VLTP is limited to one year from the effective date of the leave recipient’s enrollment….more info

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Highlights from the ACE Camp
Monday, August 24, 2015

One hundred students attended this year’s ACE Camp Academy.  There were (10) ACE Academy stations; each station held (10) students.  Each station allowed the students (25) minutes to participate in:

  1. Unmanned Aircraft systems2. Weather3. Build a bridge- the students were given an airplane and as a team the instructions were to build a bridge for the airplane to transition from one point to the next.  The intent of this exercise was to introduce the idea of teamwork, communication and creative problem solving.  These are all traits needed in every filed of aviation.4. Air Traffic Control Operations- the stage was set up with a runway, taxiway, and navaids.  The students were given a script that included communication from the pilot of the aircraft to the air traffic control tower.  The students used plane and vehicles to simulate airport operations and ATC functions.5. Speed Mentoring6. Build a Parachute- the students used supplies to build a parachute7. Eggs Benedict’s Family Vacation- the students used supplies to design and build an aircraft that would fit an egg.  The aircraft was then flown to test the design and see if the egg would break.8. Flying Objects- the students were given a jar and objects to put into the jar.  The object was to blow air inside of the jar and see who could maintain the object floating in the jar the longest9. Aviation Games- the students solved crossword puzzles and completed word searches10. Paper airplanes- the students folded newspaper into airplanes and flew them off of the second floor.


The students toured (8) different stations. Prizes were given to winners whose plane flew the furthest and students that showed model behavior throughout the day.


ACE Camp Participants: Charles Johnson (Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS) (Display), Lyndsay Digneo (Weather), Jacqueline Pilot (Aviation Education), Elayne Gomes-Battle and Deena Collier (Speed Mentoring the Kid version), Ken Hitchens (NBCFAE ACT Technical Region President), Ashley Morley (ACE Camp Coordinator), Paquita Bradley (NBCFAE National President), Willette Neal (NBCFAE Special Assistant to the President), Ronald Bagley (NBCFAE EEO Action Committee Chairperson.  Senior Management Officials: Terry Biggio (Vice President ATO), Dennis Filler (Director of the Technical Center), Pamela Whitley (Deputy Assistant Administrator for NextGen)